Rebeca Cabral: Inspired by Art, Beauty, Design, and Cooking

​​Meet Rebeca Cabral, Served Up co-creator. Born in Brazil in the thriving city of Governador Valadeares, State of Minas Gerais, Rebeca moved to the United States as a young girl, settling down with her family in South Florida. 

Rebeca has always had an eye for art and beauty. At an early age, she was drawn to the Interior Design field. Her passion for the space later led to the founding of RC Home Decor

She founded the boutique interior design firm in 2015. The firm caters primarily to private residential homes and office spaces. 

As Rebeca’s career in interior design began to take off, another passion started to develop.

Image: Rebeca Cabral, co-creator of Served Up

How the spark for cooking developed

Later on, Rebeca developed a second passion. A passion for cooking. The spark came in the form of a little bundle of joy. 

“I got into cooking when I had my son,” said Rebeca. “I found cooking at home to be far healthier. I wanted to have a good diet for my son and I.”

Inspiration for the dishes Rebeca crafted in her kitchen came from top chefs from across the globe. Inspired but unsure what to cook, she took to the internet for recipes.

“​​I realized you don’t need to be a top chef to cook amazing dishes at home,” said Rebeca. “But I did need a top chef’s recipe, so I would go online and search for whatever I was in the mood for that day and cook.”

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Inspiration for Served Up

A passion for interior design coupled with a love of cooking helped to inspire the concept of Served Up. 

Preferring to learn hands-on rather than by reading, Rebeca often thought about how nice it would be for a top chef to drop by to teach her how to craft his/her signature dish, step-by-step. 

Rebeca and co-creator Tara Christie began to discuss the concept, and your new favorite cooking show, Served Up, was born

Favorite top chefs

With a focus on plant-based recipes, Rebeca’s cooking was often guided by chefs like Chef Nathan Rich of Twin Farms in Vermont. 

“​​Twin Farms in Vermont is truly special. Everything is so fresh and palatable,” said Rebeca. “Chef Nathan creates his seasonal menu, all farm to table, of course. He pairs every dish with the right wine. It is a truly beautiful culinary experience.”

As she continued to discover more top chefs, Rebeca’s respect for the culinary field grew.

A deep respect for the culinary industry grew

As Rebeca spent more and more time in the kitchen, her respect for the culinary industry grew. Admiration for chefs and the genius behind their creations blossomed.

“I grew a love for culinary and I began to really admire and respect the chefs in the space and what they were doing,” said Rebeca. “It is a talent, and it really takes some agriculture knowledge and creativity to create a signature dish.” 

From the understanding of what produce is in season, the proper storage, mixing the right seasoning together, cooking in the oils, selecting the perfect temperature, and producing beautiful works of art, Rebeca fell in love with the culinary space, and she brings that love to each episode of Served Up

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