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Served Up Featured Chef: Chef David Obadimeji

At Served Up, we love to give recognition to top culinary talent from across the globe . This week, we’re featuring one of our favorite chefs, from Palm Beach, Florida, Chef David Obadimeji.

Obadimeji was born in Lagos Nigeria. He learned to cook from an early age, working with his grandparents in a family-owned catering business.

In 2010, he relocated to the United States, where he landed a role at the Marriott Hotel as a lead cook. His passion for the culinary arts served as inspiration to continue learning, studying the executive chefs, and perfecting his own techniques.

Image: Chef David Obadimeji

In 2016, Chef Obadimeji founded Jovids Fine Cuisine, a private/personal chef service. Jovids Fine Cuisine helps companies and people solved their catering needs, whether large or small scale. Obadimeji’s company is setup to handle any kind of occasion, whether it’s an intimate meal for two, a family style feast, a private dinner party, a special occasion, or even a large corporate event.

Despite a challenging road, including watching some of his colleagues leave the hospitality industry during the trying times of Covid, Obadimeji has stayed the course and achieved significant success in the industry. He credits this success and the longevity of his career, now at over 20 years, to consistency and passion.

“Consistency is the only thing that helps keep me both on the front and behind the scenes,” said Chef Obadimeji during a recent interview. “I tried not to be jack of all trades. Then I would have lost my passion I craved each and every morning when I woke up smiling to go and cook, creating some memories through a delicious, elegant meal.”

Word of this top chef’s talents have spread quickly. The majority of clientele flowing through Jovid’s Fine Cuisine find Obadimeji through word of mouth, a credit to his thoughtful and refined creations.

If you’re looking to impress your spouse with a private dinner, you have plans for a major corporate event, or you’re throwing a classy dinner party, give Chef Obadimeji a call to set forth on a delightful culinary journey.

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